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We offer customer communication solutions: service- and phone numbers in over 130 countries and ready to use cloud based communication applications, enabling your reachability

What We Do

Every company needs a phone number.
Using the phone is still one of the main ways your customers will try to get in contact with you. Having a dedicated service number is therefore crucial to maintaining high levels of customer service, customer satisfaction and communication between your clients and suppliers.
Even if you already use a service number, switching to TelecomTAG as your number provider is always a good choice. We guarantee a cost savings of at least 25%. Switching to our service is free, with no interruption to your current service.
If you don’t currently have a 0800 or 0900 number, we are here to help you set up your new corporate service number.

Our Experience

We have been providing corporate phone numbers for the last 19 years and are the longest running supplier of phone numbers in the Netherlands. We specialise in providing a range of phone numbers to suit any business such as:

Freephone Service Numbers

Local Service Numbers


Premium Rate Numbers

National Numbers

Geographic Numbers

Universal Numbers

Our Services

For every number the perfect package

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Forward your number to any destination
  • Full Reporting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Account Management
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Add Voice Response and / or Call Center functionality to your number
  • Includes everything from Medium
  • Whisper
  • Menu(s)
  • Call Group
  • Call Recording
  • Monitoring
  • Agent Management

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