Partner Tools

Partner Reporting

The success of your business depend on the information you have to make the right decisions. In order to provide useful information, we offer the following reports:

Customer overview: Complete list of your customers with their users. This list can be filtered on the services they have.

Product overview: Complete list of all active services with your customers.

Order overview: All orders are submitted online and processed automatically. However, you as a Partner have full overview of what is being ordered, by whom and at any time.

Ticket overview: In case you might have any questions for us, this is the overview where you can track the status of that question.

Traffic overview: The success of your Partnership correlates with the amount of traffic your customers generate. This report will provide you insight in how good you are doing as a Partner but also lets you analyse the performance of your individual customers or products.

All reports can be downloaded to be used in any (marketing) tool you might have to support your business.

Customer management

You wil be able to manage your customers directly from your own website. Log in with your Partner account and you will be able to go to the account of any of your customers.

From there you will be able to act on behalf of your customer. Manage their users, company details, numbers and applications.

You will be able to see and analyse the reports of your customers in order to help them make better use of the services.

All actions are logged and notification e-mails are sent. So all actions can be traced back to the executing user in case of any dispute.

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