Global Inbound Services. Easy. Dynamic. Efficient.

The cloud-based communications solution that combines simplicity and efficiency to maximise your ROI.

We provide a fully automated and cloud-based solution offering local, national and international phone numbers to your telecommunications clients. Increasing your revenue and delighting your customers with minimal additional resource requirements.

Through dynamic technology and rapidly advancing features, the SpeakIntelligence widget offers our partners four key benefits:

Earn Extra Revenue

Add an Easy-to-Manage Income Stream. Without Risk or Effort.

With the SpeakIntelligence widget, our partners add an income stream to their business without any effort or risk. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. SpeakIntelligence partners benefit from a transparent revenue sharing model. Once the widget is fully implemented, you can start promoting the added service widget and start selling your numbers immediately.

Simply put, the SpeakIntelligence widget will meet all of your customers’ telecommunication needs while also expanding your business. Increasing value for your customers while also increasing your profits? You can have your cake and eat it too!

SpeakIntelligence allows you to quickly and easily diversify your revenue streams:

– Additional income stream without any effort, risk or investment

– Transparent revenue sharing model

– Continuously evolving proposition

Maximum ROI with Minimal Resources

Free of Setup Fees, Ongoing User Fees and Technical Headaches

The SpeakIntelligence widget is ready to install the moment you decide to implement it on your site. We understand that your time and money are valuable resources, which is why we’ve designed a widget that’s free of initial set-up costs and implementation fees. Not to mention that it doesn’t require a technical genius to install!

Best of all, you can go live with the automated widget in just a couple of clicks. All of the programming and integrations are ready to work for you ‘out of the box.’ All that’s left to decide is your widget language. We currently offer the widget in English and Dutch, however, we also provide our partners with the opportunity to provide translated files of the system for implementation by our SpeakIntelligence team.

SpeakIntelligence delivers maximum ROI and product support with minimal resources:

– Zero initial setup costs or ongoing maintenance fees

– No expensive engineer or designer necessary

– The quick and easy implementation of the widget is all that’s required!

Efficient Automation & Design

An Online Shop that Delights Customers and Partners Alike

Our Speakintelligence widget offers a flexible one-stop web shop that provides your customers with faster, more convenient services that suit their busy lives.

As soon as the widget goes live on your site, your customers will have on-demand access to a wide variety of numbers in over 150 countries and 2500 cities. Our selection includes Freephone, PRS, GEO, National, UIFN, Mobile, and easy to use call routing packages that are usable by anyone (not just by the specialist). We’ve even fully automated existing number transfers!

Quickly and conveniently gain insight into your own business development as well as your customers’ product consumption through the Partner Portal. We also provide an automated report management system that gives you easy access and efficient monitoring capabilities to further maximize your customer success and active product users.

SpeakIntelligence provides efficient automated technology to surpass you and your customers’ needs:

– Dynamic flexibility in services, including number porting, termination, own number

– On-demand self-service technology offering real-time delivery for your services for local, national and international phone numbers

– Access valuable partner and customer insights via Partner Portal report management

– Optional Additional Support: Grow Your Store promotional tool available to increase the widget’s overall value

Easy to Implement. Easy to Use.

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the technical details.

Our easy-to-use Speakintelligence widget is a breeze to implement. It’s as simple as providing us with the necessary implementation information and we’ll set up the full technical, backend and customer systems for you. We provide you with a complete, ready-to-use package!

We also want to help you increase added and product value, all the while maximising your customer success and active users. That’s why we’ve placed everything you need to manage the Speakintelligence widget online.

What if you need help? Our sales team is available to support you in achieving your own milestones. Your success is our success.

SpeakIntelligence makes voice communication technology simple:

– Launch the widget on your website in just a couple clicks

– Once installed, the easy-to-use widget needs little ongoing maintenance or management

– Report management and actionable customer insights are easy to access through the online Partner Portal

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