Support Module

We know you want to be the first one there to support your customers. You’ve built relationships with them. They know you. They rely on you. And they trust you with their questions and concerns.

But sometimes, being accessible isn’t always easy.

That’s why our online storefront is an extremely user-friendly, self-service solution with an extended FAQ section. It can handle most customer issues automatically.


Still, sometimes your customers want to speak with you directly. And this creates problems if you lack the resources and knowledge.

Don’t worry.
We can help you there too.

Support Module Services


Omnichannel Support

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Chat

24/7 Technical Support

365 days a year
In English and in Dutch


Zendesk Monthly Reporting

  • Ticket Total
  • Ticket Breakdown:
    Order, Finance,
  • Average Response
  • Total Hours Spent

Experienced, Friendly Agents

We know our product best, and we’re always eager to help.


What are the costs?

€ 70,- Per Hour
(Pay Per Use)
1 Zendesk License

All you need for your online customer communication shop

See how easy and fast the SpeakIntelligence service works

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