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SpeakIntelligence is customizable widget that adapts to the demands of your business, without the headaches of technology integration. Simply add our customizable widget on your website and start increasing your revenue immediately

  • fully automated communications widget

SpeakIntelligence is the fully automated communications web shop widget that helps telecommunications carriers and service providers streamline customer purchasing processes and provide superior services and support.

  • skip setup fees and monthly costs

Best of all, our revenue share model allows you to skip setup fees and monthly costs. So you can increase revenue and cut overhead costs!

award badge

We won the 2019 Best Innovative Application Provider Award!

We are very excited to be receiving one of the most prestigious awards directly from the Carrier Community, the exclusive global telecom club and industry networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers.

The CC-Global Awards recognize innovation and achievements among member telecom wholesale operators around the globe and are independently judged by a panel of 13 telecoms analysts and experts from the industry.


  • be able to place the widget anywhere on your website and adjust the CSS

You will get our dynamic number selection widget. Your visitors will be able to select the country they would like to order a number in and the number type. When choosing the number type, a short but clear explanation of the available number types is included in the widget.

When a customer has made a selection, they will be directed to the ordering page with their choice preselected.

You will be able to place the widget anywthere on your website and adjust the CSS (look and feel) according to your wishes.


  • Create a page on your website, insert the framework and you are done!

When placing the shop on your website, you will automatically have placed the environment where your customers will be able to log in.

Create a page on your website, insert the framework and you are done!

The color scheme of the shop and ‘My’ environment can be adjusted to perfectly fit into any website.


Give your customers world-class delivery times and complete control over their communications.
We provide a quick and easy way for telecommunication companies to implement agile technology,
diversify their business models and increase cost-cutting efficiencies.


  • Most telecom companies lack the means to diversify their business models and increase cost-cutting efficiencies

Skip the expensive engineer and complicated technological implementations with SpeakIntelligence. With just a couple clicks, you can provide your customers with the ability to order, set up, maintain and combine any type of phone number worldwide with easy-to-use call routing packages.

We provide a fully automated communications web shop widget that offers effortless implementation, comprehensive services, and full support. For increased revenue, streamlined management processes, and optimal return on investment.



Very quickly we saw a return on investment of more than 300 percent owing to an increase in new customers and a decrease in our OPEX. It’s perfect – more happy customers, more ordering and less overheads.

Marcel Dijkstra
Managing Director of MCXess

smart automation

Reduce your costs and eliminate many manual work requirements. Number delivery, call routing packages, reporting, and more. It’s all fully automated!

full flexibility

Provide flexible commercial terms with our subscription models. We’ve made it easier for your company to remain reactive to shifting market demands.

user friendly set-up

Easy to install with just a couple of clicks. From initial service selection to live web shop launch, no additional resources or manpower are required!

Tailor-Made Design

Drop the widget anywhere on your website and adjust the CSS to suit your company’s branding. Easily customizable for a beautiful, integrated customer experience.

Streamlined Purchasing

Offer an on-demand service for purchasing and setting up local and international numbers for your customers’ inbound customer service numbers.

Comprehensive Support

We equip you with full technical, backend and customer systems setup. An ‘out of the box’ solution that’s ready to support you immediately!

All you need for your online customer communication shop

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