The smartest telecommunications web shop. Built specifically to save time and money.

Easy to implement and fully automated. Built on a revenue share model that allows you to skip setup fees and monthly costs. To help you keep money in your pocket and time on your side.

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Full Automation

Fully automated to take care of everything. There’s nothing left for you to do!

Welcome to the new age of telecommunication automation. We’ve made vendor management importing, portering, number delivery and reporting easy, because it’s all fully automated!

With the Speakintelligence widget, you offer your customers an on-demand service for purchasing and implementing their local and international numbers, as well as ongoing package managment. Increase your revenue, streamline your managment process, and significantly reduce your overhead costs without lifting a finger.

Worldwide Coverage

Packages options and coverage that your customers need. No matter their location.

From the moment you install our widget on your site, your customers will be able to select numbers in over 150 countries and thousands of cities. No more searching for vendors or contract management!

In addition to selecting a new number, your customer will also have the option to submit a porting order for an existing number. Or, if they have a number already registered with a local regulator, it can simply be activated.

Custom Branding & Design

For the look and feel that fits your company perfectly.

The Speakintelligence widget is placed directly on your website and allows you full control over the look and feel of its appearance. Now you can provide a seamlessly integrated customer purchasing and user interface experience  that supports brand recognition and encourages customer loyalty.

Simply drop the widget anywhere on your website and adjust the CSS to suit your company’s branding. The look and feel of the widget will have your customers thinking it was custom-built. But there’s no expensive designer or engineer required!

Streamlined User Experience

A fully hands-off, automated service that delights your customers

We make purchasing, delivery and ongoing package maintenance easy. No guessing. No confusion. Full automation makes their interaction with the widget simple, and completely hands-off for your company.

Provide your customers with flexibility and freedom through our subscription models. We’ve made it easer than ever for your customers to switch the package of their number at any time through their web-based, automated customer dashboard. It’s easy as logging in and selecting the option that’s right for them!

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User-Friendly Setup

Effortless to install. No engineers or implementation teams required!

With just a couple of clicks, your web shop widget will be automaticaly loaded on your site and ready for use. It’s as simple as creating a page on your website and inserting the widget framework.

Our widget even comes preloaded and equipped to display all off the service and product information your customers need to know, such as usage condition and pricing. For a streamlined and transparent purchasing experience and no hands-on involvement from you!

Comprehensive Partner Reporting & Support

Helping you remain responsive to shifting market demands.

We understand that the success of your telecommunication company relies on having immediate access to up-to-date information. Your Partner Dashboard provides you with the critical analisys tools you need to make the decisions that matter most.

Speakintelligence offers a variety of automatically generated and downloadable reports, including Customer Overviews, Product Overviews, Order Overviews and Traffic Overviews.

Want to experience our dynamic technology yourself and watch how Speakintelligence can support your business and reduce your overhead costs?

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