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MCXess increases ROI by 300%

The Company: MCXess
Interview: Marcel Dijkstra, Managing Director of MCXess
The Company: MCXess

MCXess has experienced huge success globally after implementing the SpeakIntelligence Widget, two and a half years ago.

Plagued with the same problems all communications providers are currently facing, MCXess now have a competitive edge. They are now able to provide a better service while benefiting from higher ROI and customer acquisition, thanks to the SpeakIntelligence automated webshop widget.


MCXess is a global communications provider delivering a range of online communications solutions that are easy to use and effective. The company has been successfully delivering services from telephone number ordering to telephony applications and contact center capabilities.


The telephony market once boomed, but now phone numbers are a commodity. The market is saturated with providers offering the same services, which have driven profits down substantially. As overheads have continued to rise with inflation, MCXess were left with fewer resources to channel into acquiring new customers, with only one occurring organically each month. Managing churn and customer retention had become an overwhelming focus for the business.MCXess knew they had to expand their product offering to stay competitive, but to do so would mean expanding their team. With already 40 people on board, there was simply no budget for this.

It’s not just about having phone numbers; it’s about having your phone system inclusive of a number that’s instant. After you’ve got a number, you’re probably going to want to add voicemail, contact centers, queuing, and an IVR application too,” said Marcel Dijkstra, Managing Director of MCXess.

But we couldn’t be innovative while we were just trying to survive. We didn’t have the time or money to build something new. We were just trying to hold on to our customers to get by. It’s a race to the bottom with costs as there’s just no margin anymore. It was time to think about other business and marketing models."

Back-office operations were also problematic for MCXess. Processes were long and inconsistent, often taking two to three weeks from phone number ordering to activation. With rising customer expectations, MCXess wanted to find quicker ways to serve their customers more timely, efficiently and accurately.

“Everything is traditionally done by people. We wanted to implement rhythms and processes but our large team made things inconsistent. There was so many staff involved from project management, to delivery, to invoicing – everything was tailor made. But where you have staff, you have problems with human error.”


MCXess wanted something that would give them a competitive edge and allow them to continue growing and adapt to the market as it changed around them. They were interested in implementing automation and self-service to give customers more control while providing numbers quicker. After extensive research, SpeakIntelligence was the only company offering a solution across the board.

The SpeakIntelligence webshop automates phone number ordering, simplifying cross-border legal complications, and delivers telephony services in a matter of days instead of weeks.

“Now, all of our worries are gone thanks to the SpeakIntelligence service. We now have a fantastic automated shop that provides everything on-demand and instantly online for our customers.”


MCXess have collapsed their entire back office and automated all processes involved with the ordering and delivery of phone numbers to their customers. SpeakIntelligence covers the entire brand, including a dedicated customer contact agent as part of their chosen SpeakIntelligene service package.

“There are minimal people in the team now, but for essential services we have modules such as support, online marketing, and invoicing, which are provided by SpeakIntelligence.”

“Decreasing the headcount of legacy staff and automating processes meant we could focus on customer acquisition. Very quickly we saw a return on investment owing to an increase in new customers and a decrease in our OPEX.  ROI on Continuous Integration (CI) alone, increased by 300%. It’s perfect – more customers, more ordering and less overhead.

”MCXess’ order level also increased by 25% in 2018 as a result of SpeakIntelligence’s marketing packages, where they take care of landing pages, research, website traffic, and conversion optimization.

“At MCXess, it was important that we would still have a close and direct link to our customers. The team at SpeakIntelligence took our ideas and thoughts about the service seriously. It’s been two and a half years now, and we truly are growing together.“

“For example we asked SpeakIntelligence to add online imports of numbers because this has always been a  hassle for us. everyone wants to do it, but there’s so much manual work involved with filling in forms. Now it’s all done online.”

Key Results:

Reduce the workforce to a streamlined model

25% order level increase in 2018

300% increase on Continuous Integration (CI) ROI

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