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Client: TelecomTag
Interview: Pieter van Neerven, General Manager
Website: TelecomTag

For over 20 years, TelecomTAG has offered accessibility solutions for companies and institutions. But our storefront struggled. It required customers to order during business hours when our staff was available for processing. And since customers want to order quickly without any extra fuss, we found they were going elsewhere to get what they needed.

Luckily, we found relief with SpeakIntelligence. They took over the entire process and even helped us grow our customers. Now we can provide more options with far less work or cost involved. SpeakIntelligence helped us expand our services and sales area, generating more revenue. What company can say no to that?

TelecomTAG previously emphasized a personal approach with customers, relying heavily on direct contact for conversions. This dated method for capturing sales was both expensive and inefficient. It restricted TelecomTAG’s client base to a small geographic area and forced clients to choose from limited appointment slots so they could order directly from a representative. Add to this the time needed to run administrative functions and routing and TelecomTAG was spending excessive resources on daily operations while falling short of customer expectations.



TelecomTAG has been offering accessibility solutions to companies and institutions for over 20 years. They are driven by their mission to optimize customer access to telephone numbers and intelligent routing solutions worldwide. They know that better accessibility to online telephone number services supports increased customer satisfaction and loyalty while promoting profitability.

However, they struggled to acquire new customers using their traditional model. TelecomTAG previously relied on their website, where placing orders was a tedious and often confusing process, to promote conversions. Customers also had an online application form they needed to complete that created an additional barrier to entry.



After TelecomTAG made the switch from an offline sales organization to an online shop, they saw immediate growth. The use of SpeakIntelligence’s online widget has allowed customers to order services directly and make changes without needing to speak directly to TelecomTAG employees. As a result, they no longer need to fit customers into time slots or limit their market to a small geographical area.

Instead, they expanded services to customers, allowing them to order at any time from anywhere in the world. Customers can now carry out the expansion or limitation of connected services on their own. And through the My TelecomTAG environment, customers can activate new numbers, view and download invoices and change customer data.

The online interface prioritizes usability. From the webshop, customers can order any phone number from more than 150 countries with just a few clicks. Finding solutions, like adding a routing package, is much easier. And ordering is straightforward. Confused customers also have instant access to support services should they require assistance while ordering. But because of how easy the interface is to use, customers rarely use them.

Key Results:

TelecomTAG has moved customer acquisition from mostly telemarketing-based to mostly online marketing-based. Consequently, they have significantly lowered the costs of acquiring new customers. They have also expanded their catchment area, allowing customers to place orders from anywhere in the world. With the potential for substantial future growth, TelecomTAG has a bright outlook on the future after switching to a primarily online organization.

TelecomTAG found relief through the webshop widget. SpeakIntelligence took over the entire operational process, leaving TelecomTAG free to focus on strategic processes instead. Their team implemented a win-win situation for both organizations. As a result, they have secured more revenue from existing customers while helping to grow the existing customer base.

  • Secured more revenue from existing customers
  • the growth of the existing customer base
  • telemarketing-based to online marketing-based
  • lower cost of acquiring new customers
  • an expanded customers catchment area
  • placement of orders from anywhere in the world
  • free time to focus on strategic processes

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