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Telecommunication Companies

SpeakIntelligence is the fully automated communications web shop widget that helps telecommunications carriers and service providers streamline customer purchasing processes and provide superior services and support.

Best of all, our revenue share model allows you to skip setup fees and monthly costs. So you can increase revenue and cut overhead costs!

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Give your customers world-class delivery times and complete control over their communications

We provide a quick and easy way for telecommunication companies to implement agile technology, diversify their business models and increase cost-cutting efficiencies

The problem?

Most telecom companies lack the means to diversify their business models and increase cost-cutting efficiencies.

Skip the expensive engineer and complicated technological implementations with SpeakIntelligence. With just a couple clicks, you can provide your customers with the ability to order, set up, maintain and combine any type of phone number worldwide with easy-to-use call routing packages.

We provide a fully automated communications web shop widget that offers effortless implementation, comprehensive services, and full support. For increased revenue, streamlined management processes, and optimal return on investment.

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SpeakIntelligence is the dynamic, customizable widget that adapts to the demands of your business, without the headaches of technology integration.

Simply install our widget on your company website and enable your customers to order, setup, and maintain any type of phone number worldwide.

Equipped with this solution, any type of phone number, in combination with easy to use call routing packages, can be ordered in a matter of minutes.


Reduce your costs and eliminate many manual work requirements. Number delivery, call routing packages, reporting, and more. It’s all fully automated!


Provide flexible commercial terms with our subscription models. We’ve made it easier for your company to remain reactive to shifting market demands.


Easy to install in any website with our clear documentation.


Drop the widget anywhere on your website and adjust the CSS to suit your company’s branding. Easily customizable for a beautiful, integrated customer experience.


Offer an on-demand service for purchasing and setting up local and international numbers for your customers’ inbound customer service numbers.


We equip you with full technical, backend and customer systems setup. An ‘out of the box’ solution that’s ready to support you immediately!

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your business, reduce your costs, and increase your ROI?

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