We constantly expand the available number types and world coverage. The currently available numbers are shown on this page and available in your Partner shop.

Number Types

A local number gives you customers a feeling of local presence. SpeakIntelligence provides local number in 70+ countries, and thousands cities worldwide.

-Emphasize the local character of your company
-Reachable from anywhere
-Reachable from any phone
-Numbers available in over thousands cities worldwide
-Available for your customers at local tariff
With a national number you can communicate one single number to all of your customers. The number you use and the appeal is professional, robust and of course national.

– One single number for your organisation, nation-wide
– National and professional appearance
– Available in over 55 countries
– Ideal for multiple locations
– Available for your customers at local tariff
With a freephone number you make a professional impression. National, robust and accessible. With a freephone number you lower possible thresholds for customers to contact you.

– Free of charge for the caller
– Low threshold for your customer
– Available in 120+ countries
– Professional appearance
– Service a national market
With a premium rate number you make a professional impression. National and reliable. You determine the caller tariff

– per minute or per call
– and set your turnover.
– Multiple tariffs available
– Per call or per minute
– Revenue generating
– Professional appearance
– Nation-wide appeal
With a universal phone number you are internationally available via one number. Activate the UIFN number in as many countries as you like. Calling to a UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number – 00800) number is free for the caller. Just like a regular toll-free / freephone number.

– An international 00800 number
– One number all over the world
– Available in over 64 countries
– Free of charge for your callers
A mobile number provides a flexible, always available and modern impression. We provide you a virtual mobile number, this means the number is assigned to you in the cloud and you do not receive a SIM card.

– Normal mobile cost for the caller
– Personal impression instead of corporate
– Flexible appearance – reachable everywhere
– Available in over 21 countries
– Preferred number type of new generations