Frequently asked questions

Who owns the customers relationship?

You will have full ownership of the end-customer contracts. We provide the shop and the services to you. Which will be your shop for your customers.

Who invoices the customers?

You are the owner of the customer and you will invoice the customer. You are in control, add additional services or keep it simple and clean.

How can I invoice my customers?

You will be provided with a comprehensive .CSV stating customer details, pricing, usage and cost. Ready to be processed by any invoicing system.

What payment methods are available in the web shop?

At this moment Direct Debit and Credit Card are available in the shop, but other payment method can be requested, such as payment by wire transfer or prepaid. It is up to you which payment methods you want to accept.

What languages are available?

Currently English and Dutch. More are available on request.

My company region focus languages are not available, what now?

Get us coverage!

What currencies are available?

SpeakIntelligence will invoice in euro’s however you are free to settle invoices with your customers in any currency desired.

As a Partner, can I have Resellers and Affiliates?

Yes you can. Affiliate process is fully automated and will be included on your Partner account.

Can I give discounts to my customers?

Yes you can. You will be able to define a standard discount for customers ordering in your webshop or define an additional discount for specific orders.

Can we terminate the traffic on a SIP gateway?

Yes you can.

How many channels/concurrent calls are available per number?

Our model is based on unlimited usage so no restrictions in channels or concurrent calls. There are some exceptions due to local operator limitations, but these will be provided clearly in the numbers’ conditions.

How long it takes to implement the widget on my company website?

Implementation can be done within a day. Technical implementation is easy, more important is to make a good decision where to place it on your website and SEO/SEA in order to maximize ROI.

Can I use SpeakIntelligence General Terms & Conditions in my web shop?

Yes you can. We have covered any eventuality, but you are free to add anything relevant to you.

How can I add my own phone numbers and/or termination routes in my web shop?

SpeakIntelligence has selected the best of breed to create the most complete coverage and best pricing. However we are always looking to expand. Please get in contact with your best coverage and pricing and we will offer your coverage to all our Partners. We also offer a solution where your shop will exclusively offer your access / termination where you have coverage.

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