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Growth-focused telecommunication companies have ambitious sales goals but no quick and easy way to harness the power of digital inbound marketing strategies and transform their online sales platform into a sales-generating giant.

While the SpeakIntelligence widget is online and fully automated, it’s vital that your online shop is optimized to attract high-quality leads and increase the overall visibility of your business.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply implement a generic marketing strategy and hope for the best. A typical method for online marketing to promote your store includes:


Completing keyword research and analysis


Assessing identified keywords for traffic, search queries and overall competition


Creating fully optimised landing pages with your top ranking keywords


Setting up and testing optimised advertisements for overall effectiveness


Reiterating this process for increasing overall optimisation

This process is critical to your online store’s success, but it’s also time-consuming and requires a variety of different specialists to continually research, implement and oversee these marketing efforts.

Luckily, the Grow Your Store service lets you optimize your digital marketing efforts without extra time or energy. You don’t need a marketing team or SEO specialist on staff. We provide them all for you!

We’re the ones that make inbound marketing easy.



The most efficient inbound marketing service for telecommunications companies.

Grow Your Store provides a unique online marketing solution for new partners, by taking over the cumbersome task of optimising your landing pages and advertisements to more effectively reach your target audience.

Our Grow Your Store team undertakes custom keyword research specific to your target audience’s geographic location and languages. From there, our SEO & SEA specialists use this information to create optimised landing pages and advertisements that boost your organic and paid onsite traffic.

Make no mistake, more traffic means an increase in high-quality leads. And more high-quality leads means more paying customers. We work hard to help you attract the best leads for your business and convert them into product users. For optimal widget effectiveness and increased web shop sales.

By choosing Grow Your Store, you choose the most straightforward path to expand your business.

Basic Package

€1000 one-time fee and €395/month


Basic Keyword Research


10 High Volume Keywords


1 Landing Page for 3 Keywords

Perfect when: Your advertising budget is between €500 and €1000

Standard Package

€1500 one-time fee and €750/month


Extended Keyword Research


10 High Volume Keywords


20 Longtail Keywords


3 Landing Pages for Max 10 Keywords


A/B Testing

Perfect when: Your advertising budget is between €1000 and €3000

Premium Package

€2200 one-time fee and €1295/month


Advanced Keyword Research


10 High Volume Keywords


40 Longtail Keywords


5 Landing Pages for Max 20 Keywords


A/B Testing

Perfect when: Your advertising budget between €3000 and €6500

Extra for all packages: Additional landing page for €890

How Online Marketing Attracts Leads & Increases Sales

Step 1: Create Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to inform new traffic (i.e. your potential customers!) about the products and services you offer. With detailed content and strategic keyword optimization, your landing pages are designed to attract and convert visitors into purchasers. We even include a button to move people directly into your store.

Step 2: Attract Leads through Ads

Targeted advertising has proven to be a powerful tool in attracting high-quality leads. Why? Because people using search engines throughout the purchasing funnel reveal a lot about their typical behavior and intentions – including what they want to buy and when they are ready to buy.

Step 3: Convert Traffic to Sales

With custom optimized ads and landing pages, the end result is more high-quality traffic from potential customers finding your store. Our optimization method ensures that you attract your target audience at the right time during their purchasing decision process. For an increase in conversion rates and, of course, sales!

Convert high-quality leads to paying customers without lifting a finger.

Learn more about our Grow Your Store feature by booking a free consultation call. Learn more about our Grow Your Store feature by booking a free consultation call with one of our SEO marketing specialists. 

Optimise. Attract. Convert.

Without requiring any of your team’s time or effort.



Regular telecommunications companies might implement inbound marketing strategies that yield favorable results, but they also require a lot of time and effort from their in-house marketing team.

Let Grow Your Store be your competitive advantage.

With Grow Your Store, you work with our team of highly specialized SEO and SEA experts that make it their mission to understand your specific target market. We do not believe in a general, one-size-fits-all inbound marketing approach.



Our specialists design a digital marketing plan tailor-made for your business and then oversee its implementation and optimization. The result? Increasing your number of high-quality leads and boosting your product sales without needing any of your team’s time or effort.

Grow Your Store works with you to make the most of your SpeakIntelligence widget.

Get the Business-Boosting Power of Online Marketing Without Wasting Your Team’s Time or Energy

But don’t just take our word for it!

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“Using the SpeakIntelligence Grow Your Store service instead of doing everything manually saved us time and money but most importantly our customers don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks anymore before their number is active – everything is instant!”

Are you still wasting your efforts on outdated marketing tactics without any results to show for it?

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