10 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Universal International Freephone Number

Wesley Balten
September 9, 2018

Expanding overseas is often the next frontier for growing businesses. But like venturing into the Wild West it can be a somewhat daunting process. There’s so much to think about. Not least finding the right telecoms solution.

That’s why ambitious businesses should own a Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN). This is a single international number that can be used in different countries around the world. So rather than having different numbers for different countries, companies can use the same phone number for all their national and international marketing activity.

Here are the 10 main benefits of using an UIFN:


UIFNs can be called from over 65 countries around the world. Businesses simply choose which countries they want their number to be activated in, reducing barriers to trade, and you can have packages of multiple UIFN numbers across various timezones.

Customers can call a UIFN wherever they are, and the number always remains the same. And because calls can be forwarded to any landline or mobile, businesses can answer enquiries wherever they are too. This increases worldwide engagement and help customers simultaneously.


UIFNs give businesses a truly global presence without them having to set up offices in different countries. What’s more, businesses of any size can benefit. Large multinational companies will enjoy the simplicity of having a central number, whilst UIFN’s can make small businesses look larger and more established.


UIFN’s help businesses to stand out from the crowd, especially as they can select an easily recognisable number. A prestigious and memorable international number can become a great marketing asset. In fact, it could emerge as a key differentiator.


Being able to use a single number in different countries helps businesses enormously. A car dealer, for example, can create a UIFN as its international support number. This number then remains consistent in manuals, brochures, advertising, and all other marketing activity all over the world. This reduces printing and production costs, plus it saves space on packaging, letterheads, business cards, and other items.


Calls to UIFNs can be routed differently in every country. This gives customers the option to redirect calls to a local, national, or international destination. Buying UIFNs on-demand from an automated webshop like SpeakIntelligence also saves time and boosts efficiency.

Improved customer service.

Because UIFNs help businesses to centralize operations and simplify administration processes, companies can offer a first class customer service that’s consistent across the globe. Jet-setting customers need only remember one standalone number wherever they travel.

Advanced features.

UIFNs can be set up to handle calls from different countries efficiently. What’s more, calls can be answered in different languages. For example, callers from France will hear queuing information and IVR in French. What’s more, other valuable services such as call screening and conference calling are available on these numbers.


UIFNs can increase consumer confidence. This is because International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulates UIFNs so that customers know they will be calling a legitimate business and won’t be charged for calls. UIFN’s 00800 prefix is recognized around the world for trust and security.


A single Freephone international number gives companies the freedom to move quickly. Because there’s no liaising with national operators, businesses can respond quickly to global developments and take advantage of opportunities faster.


Although there is a set up fee and a monthly subscription to use UIFNs, they can actually help businesses to save money. Companies won’t have to buy telecoms solutions in individual countries, and they won’t have to tweak their company literature when they expand into new markets either.

The number of countries where UIFNs are available is increasing all the time. This makes them an increasingly attractive proposition for both established and aspirational businesses. The benefits of national Freephone numbers (which have been proven to boost enquiries by up to 300%) are undeniable. UIFN’s are an international equivalent with the potential to replicate this success on a global stage.

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