10 Ways Automation Will Benefit Telecoms Providers

Wesley Balten
December 17, 2018

The age of automation is upon us. And it’s greats news for everyone. Automation brings a host of advantages not only to customers but also to telecoms providers themselves. Why struggle on with legacy systems that waste resources when automation can make your business lean and mean?

Here are our top ten reasons to think seriously about adopting automated solutions:

1. Reduced costs

Moving from legacy systems to automated solutions will make your businesses more efficient. Sales can be made online (rather than on the phone) and countless man-hours will be saved. Everything from number ordering processes to billing can be fully automated to ensure maximum efficiency.

2. Improved internal operations

Automation streamlines internal processes and business support systems. Everything will work more smoothly. Information will be transferred across your organisation more efficiently, human error will be eradicated, and everything be simplified.

3. Time savings

Winning new customers, delivering services, and on-going customer care takes considerable time and effort. Automation is less labour-intensive, involves shorter execution times, and will continue to make efficiencies as technology moves towards a self-operating network. Performance analysis is also simple, enabling businesses to optimise their processes moving forward.

4. Liberate your team

Automating key processes takes the strain off your employees. They’ll have more time to add value rather than getting bogged down in the manual delivery of services. Business owners will also have the option to streamline their teams and restructure their business

5. Improved customer service

Automation revolutionises the customer experience by introducing self-service. Customers will be able to order numbers ‘on-demand’ and numbers can be activated immediately. Meanwhile, intelligent call routing recognises individual customers and routes their calls to the right person in the right department right away.

6. Easy to adopt

Traditional voice providers no longer have to build their own solutions at great expense. Instead they can add SpeakIntelligence’s automated webshop to their website via an easily installable widget. This does not take long a time, no engineers are needed, and there’s no set up cost. Customers can then place orders in just a few clicks.

7. Flexibility

Businesses can introduce automation at their own pace. They can replace the inefficient systems they want to replace or collapse their entire back office in one stroke. Similarly they can use automation to either supplement or replace their existing sales team.

8. Your whole organization benefits

Everyone wins with automated technologies. For example, the SpeakIntelligence webshop lifts the burden on sales teams, enables business development managers to offer enhanced services, and finance departments will only have to deal with one vendor. What’s more, there’s no need to negotiate separate contracts with national operators in different countries.

9. Beat the competition

Maintaining legacy systems is a big undertaking that uses valuable resources. Automation will give you a modern business model with streamlined processes, superior services, and ultimately higher profits. You’ll stand out in an ultra-competitive marketplace while those resistant to change fall by the wayside.

10. Future proofing

Automation enables providers to meet industry challenges head on. As markets become increasingly saturated and margins ever tighter, cutting-edge technology will help you face an uncertain future with confidence and security.

Automation is wonderful because providers can cut costs, save time, and improve customer service at the same time. The possibilities are endless. Imagine replacing your whole company database and making your finance and account handling teams superfluous in one stroke? Automation makes this possible. It’s a brave new world. And the technology is here to stay.

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