How Automation In The Telecoms Industry Will Transform Customer Experience

Wesley Balten
January 15, 2019

Automation is everywhere these days; you can order almost anything online, from hotel rooms and flights to pizzas and movies. You can even buy a new car without talking to anyone – all it takes is a few clicks.

Rendering human interaction somewhat redundant, this new technology has transformed customer experience and witnessed the rise of the self-aware, informed client, forcing enterprise to adopt a more holistic, customer-centric approach to service delivery.

And yet, the telecom industry has been slow to adopt automation. Until now.

Here are five key facts about automation and how it’s improving customer service out of sight.

Expectations have never been so high

Modern customers expect everything to be fast, easy, and flexible; they crave a greater level of self-service, which is often satisfied by their computer, tablet, or smartphone. This makes ordering face-to-face, or even talking to people over the phone, no longer the norm.

The telecoms industry has already introduced automated services, like interactive voice response (IVR), but as expectations continuously grow, enterprise must also continue to innovate.The next step for traditional voice providers? Automating number ordering and selection of call routing packages.


Traditional ordering is super sloooooow

Not so long ago, the only way to order a telephone number was to speak to an agent. They would advise you, discuss terms, and then process your order. The procedure, which is inherently time-consuming, may then be prolonged further as processing could take several days.

This system was even more laborious for higher value business contracts: customers had to meet sales reps and physically sign a contract. Talk about old-fashioned.

Automated ordering is super fast

New automated technologies make ordering phone numbers and call routing packages fast and simple. Customers simply register, select the type of number they want, choose a call routing package suitable to their needs, and approve the terms and conditions. Job done.

This interactive and dynamic selection process helps customers enormously. They select exactly what they want without any assistance, which also meets the self-service aspirations of the modern customer.

The ‘webshop’ model is the future

SpeakIntelligence have introduced a new webshop concept: a game-changer for traditional voice providers. Providers simply add a widget to their website – which is free and easy to install – and then their customers can order services in just a few clicks.

Customers can choose a geographical-dependent number, for over 2,500 cities in over 150 countries, or a non-geographic freephone, premium, UIFN or mobile number. Such customizable features mean that users are really able to tailor to their purchase to their specific needs, and this does not stop here. SpeakIntelligence also offers four standard call-routing packages, from simple call forwarding to a full contact centre solution that can benefit any company.


Automation adds value

Business initiatives which utilize technology and automation, like the SpeakIntelligence widget, will give customers unprecedented control over their communications. They can log in to their account online, manage multiple numbers on a single contract, and benefit from unlimited concurrent calls.

The revolutionary widget also enables customers to monitor how much traffic their individual numbers receive through priceless performance reports. In addition, they can easily combine this with existing automation features like IVR. Meanwhile, intelligent call routing connects them to agents, this helps to build customer relationships and inspires loyalty.

What it all means…

Adopting automated solutions is a no-brainer if customer service is one of your priorities, as it should be in any modern business environment.

But what about the costs? Being an industry front-runner is often associated with great cost and risk, especially when investing in extra resources and taking a customer-centric approach. But automation is the exception: automated solutions also enable enterprise to streamline back-office processes and actually save time and money. It’s a win-win.

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