How Automation Increases Customer Retention in Telco

Wesley Balten
March 13, 2019

Retail is the greatest demonstrator for how automation is infiltrating industry. Using technology to complete boring, routine tasks means that there is more time for what matters, and allows businesses in harsh markets to make efficiencies.

There’s no denying the benefits of consumer-facing assistants in stores, but implementing automation technology in B2B environments is equally as beneficial. It can push businesses ahead of the curve and substantially improve the customer experience.

Afterall, every business is driven by sales and profit. It’s well known that happy customers are at the center of every success story – unhappy ones will simply use another company. And yet there’s so much inefficiency when it comes to basic customer experiences. Instead of waiting in line or on hold to vendors, automation provides an all-around solution and allows customers to achieve their goals more quickly, efficiently and with fewer resources.


How automating for efficiency also improves the customer experience

Automation has been enhancing business around the world for years. Today, you can order just about anything online without having to deal with another person. So why should phone number ordering be any different?

The SpeakIntelligence all-in-one automation widget allows telephony providers to reduce the amount of time spent on routine tasks and removes the dependency on people, in just a few lines of code. This means that customers no longer have to call a vendor, wait to be connected, place an order, and wait (what could potentially be weeks) for the number to be activated.

Instead, all of this is done faster and smoother with automation. Reimagining the number ordering process means customers can self-serve online without having to endure lengthy time-consuming processes. After just a few clicks and just a few minutes, numbers are active.

While automating for efficiency, improved processes also enhance customer experience, which later inspires retention and loyalty. Giving customers what they want, at a rapid pace and with less resource waste, is a simple but effective way of retaining customers.


Automation gives customers unprecedented control

Advantages of the SpeakIntelligence widget do not stop at speedy order delivery. Customers can log into their account and manage multiple numbers on a single contract while benefitting from unlimited concurrent calls and the ability to monitor how much traffic their individual numbers are getting through priceless performance reports.

This easy-to-use dynamic system puts power in the hands of customers – if they want to change, adapt and alter their orders, they can again, in just a few clicks. They can also benefit from IVR self-service too!

The SpeakIntelligence automation widget is truly offering an end-to-end, seamless customer experience while also removing the chance of human error, which is always a risk when manually implementing changes.

By continuously innovating and offering value in this way, telcos consistently create positive experiences that are rarely forgotten by the modern customer. But no amount of automation can replace humans completely. Intelligent call routing means customers have dedicated agents, looked after by SpeakIntelligence, to take care of problems that need a personal touch.

The intelligent part? Customers are placed with agents they’ve spoken to before. No more having to explain problems ten times, just more solutions. All thanks to automation.

Combined, automation and self-service revolutionize customer experience. Not only do they save everyone involved time and effort, but automation brings telcos in line with other innovative industries.

Full-Sevice End Customer Experience

Customers want to work with game-changers

The reputation of legacy providers paired with new-found stability and the ability to adapt is attractive to customers who are always looking for the best deal.

Customers want a reliable vendor who will grow with them. Automation allows for this growth while others may struggle due to market saturation and low profits. Automation and tech-reliant telcos are more informed, they make decisions quicker, and take action faster.

Higher productivity also means that more resources can be channelled into a greater product offering – a new chance to get ahead of competitors. Legacy telco can once again be a front runner in order speeds, consistent service, and innovative business models.

Once customers experience automation and self-service that is quick and fuss-free, will they really go back to waiting weeks for a phone number?

SpeakIntelligence’s automated solution gives traditional telephony providers the chance to reinvent their business model, straight out of a box, and retain customers easier than ever.

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