SpeakIntelligence’s Partner Ecosystem: A Catalyst For Digital Transformation

Wesley Balten
April 5, 2019

Every business is in pursuit of digital transformation. But for telco, there’s a lot more at stake than a few inefficient processes. Success, if not survival, will be determined by legacy vendors’ ability to reinvent themselves and their offerings in a market disrupted by digital.

Upgrade Your Business Model

With revenue and profits eroding, telcos cannot simply create an enhanced, digital version of themselves but must completely reimagine their current business model. There is no doubt that operators are well and truly on their way to doing so and are surveying new, software-defined models.


Thinking differently in the context of a technological world that is continuously innovating is a hard task, but using automation to think further than your current business model and its capabilities is a crucial start. SpeakIntelligence’s automated webshop widget for telephony providers is crucial in any legacy telcos digital transformation strategy. By digitizing and automating phone number ordering and management processes, we have an out-of-the-box solution to traditional, costly, businesses models.

The urgency of the situation prevents you from ‘waiting to see’. As the only solution-based automation tool for this niche market that also had a partner network, SpeakIntelligence has a unique understanding of the industry and can offer great insight into how to operate, with both your customers and your business in mind, while leveraging a collaborative marketplace.

Staying competitive without the costs.

With innovation as a priority, SpeakIntelligence not only reimagines your business model but does so with ideas crowdsourced from the partner ecosystem, which helps your business scale and remain competitive.

Partners suggest changes and features, then watch them be implemented. New features are available to every partner in the ecosystem, though you can choose to offer as many or as few as you want. This ability to offer services which are complementary to your own increases the value of your business through greater customer choice.


This presents a unique opportunity to grow while others are simply cost-cutting. Businesses cannot innovate while fighting for survival each day, but our widget simplifies the service for everyone. You can now expand your product offering at the same time as competitors and literally do more, with less – the age-old struggle.

In an increasingly technological world, the market will be vastly different in years to come – despite already having changed significantly. Leveraging the SpeakIntelligence partner network will unveil fresh ideas, free implementation, and extra revenue streams that ensure you’re equipped for the future. The flexibility and value this brings to both your business model and customers will protect your business from stagnation.

Access to Effortless Revenue Stream

Currently, the exploration of different operational strategies and partnerships, while having a streamlined model is only possible as a result of new tech like automation. The SpeakIntelligence widget eases financial strain and heavy customer expectations, allowing you to take your legacy, costly infrastructure and mould it into something virtual, autonomous and resourceful.

Digital transformation inclusive of a partner ecosystem not only challenges physical infrastructure but legacy mindset too. You must evolve and provide open architecture rather than being a closed network; learning to leverage a shared marketplace instead of competing means you can adapt and grow alongside as the industry changes.

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