How Automation Can Help Telecoms Providers Survive And Thrive

This whitepaper will explain why automated cloud communication are the solution to the problems facing the telecoms industry. The sector has changed more in the last 10 years than ever before, and the place of evolution is not slowing down. Consequently, telecoms providers must embrace this change and find ways to not only weather the storm but thrive.


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Worldwide Coverage

Although many providers have tried to change, and have even started grappling with automated call routing and termination call sporadically, they have struggled to move away from legacy systems and are often paralyzed by internal politics. Many continue to offer consultancy on products now considered to be commodities; therefore they are stuck and need to evolve quickly or face extinction.

Problems & Opportunities

PSTN and other legacy telecoms providers mainly waste resources in two key areas: number provision and internal processes. Both areas are challenging and present several problems.

The Solution

We have created a fully automated webshop that enables providers to sell local and international numbers ‘on demand’ alongside competitive call routing packages. It’s installed on a provider’s website via a fully customisable widget – thus creating an easy way for any company anywhere to maintain automated cloud communications.

Who It Helps

SpeakIntelligence will help any telecoms business that provides national, international, and toll-free numbers – especially companies with a good customer base that realize automation is the best way to streamline their business. Those looking to add a new revenue stream will also be interested, as will domain and hosting providers.

Automation remains the most effective way, indeed the only way, for telecoms providers to cut costs and raise revenue in these turbulent times for the telecoms industry. SpeakIntelligence’s solution is the most convenient and cost-effective way to take advantage of new technologies, weather the storm and prosper.