Boost Your Sales With ‘Grow Your Store’ By SpeakIntelligence

Wesley Balten
May 8, 2019

With the rate of change and technological evolution in the modern day, it’s hard to keep up with the do’s and don’ts of business. Growth-focused telecommunications companies are always looking for ways to achieve their ambitious goals, especially those in the carrier space who can no longer rely on trade shows to generate business.

You’re in the process of, or have already reached your digital transformation goals. You’ve already implemented the SpeakIntelligence automated webshop widget, giving you a fresh business model and a competitive edge while streamlining. But generating traffic to your site is still difficult. We’ve all been there.

Access to Effortless Revenue Stream

Leveraging the power of marketing is the next step to your business’ success. A digital strategy that optimizes your website gives you the best chance of winning sales – the process of attracting visitors, converting them, and keeping them loyal is the difference between thriving and failing companies.

Understanding the logistics of marketing, how algorithms work, and then how to implement strategies is a large task for a squeezed telco. We understand that marketing can be intimidating. There is so much to know, and the sheer amount of acronyms doesn’t make it any easier – what is SEO anyway? And while you are cutting costs, it makes little sense to employ an entire marketing department or allocate large chunks of money to individual experts.

There is no quick and easy solution for telcos looking to transform their brand, especially for those looking for an all-in-one fix. That’s why SpeakIntelligence has created an all-in-one marketing module, Grow Your Store, allowing you to gain more traction and get the most out of your widget with minimal disruption.


Optimizing your online shop, and website as a whole, is a long and arduous process but it is also critical to the success of your business. SpeakIntelligence takes this pain away by looking after your marketing for you. The SpeakIntelligence webshop widget may be automated, but our team put your people – visitors, leads, and customers – at the center of every strategy.

We ensure your pages answer prospects questions by tailoring and optimizing content to their needs through extensive keyword research and analysis. Ensuring these keywords are optimal for traffic and discoverability is the next step, before fully integrating them and their synonyms into your website pages.

By doing this, search engines will crawl your site and see highly-relevant, targeted content and rank you higher. Increased visibility is a core element in your business’ success. We take great care in with each step of strategy deployment, especially this one, as search engines will penalize websites for keyword cramming.

But in such a saturated market, sometimes inbound techniques aren’t enough. That’s why SpeakIntelligence also utilizes paid opportunities to ensure your company is put in front of the right people, at the right time. We set up and test adverts for optimal effect and continue to reiterate the process for wider reach and results.


The combination of search engine optimization and search engine advertising that is specific to your target’s language and location will boost both organic and paid traffic. And when visitors land on highly relevant pages, they’ll convert into high-quality leads and then paying customers.

SpeakIntelligence works hard ensuring your website is the best it can be to attract prospects and increase conversation. After all, your success is our success.

With our widget and marketing combination, you are able to streamline and downsize your team while upscaling your operation, generate more leads than ever and have more free time for things that really matter. The Grow Your Store module takes marketing and makes it easy.

Download our whitepaper "How Automation Can Help Telecoms Providers Survive And Thrive"

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