Why self-service is the future for your telco

Hugo Roseiro
October 31, 2019

For telcos and service providers feeling the pressure of the changing market, implementing a self-service tool like the SpeakIntelligence automated widget will see you favored by customers and get ahead of competitors.

Self-service allows you to step back and cut overheads while reducing churn, increase revenue from existing customers, acquire new customers, and improve the quality of service while making better use of technology at hand in the modern age.

The SpeakIntelligence widget and portal allows customers to manage their existing products and services while making it easy for you to cross-sell and up-sell. Within the portal, customers can make changes to their telephony packages, update all of their personal details and resolve queries without having to dial through to a customer service agent that uses up your resources.

As a result, both you and your customers are happier, expectations are well managed and relationships thrive – meaning your business does too. Self-service is by far the best way to increase your overall customer service, experience, and acquisition.

Customers will thank you for self-service

The internet has emerged as the channel of choice for digitally-savvy audiences. A key factor in any telco’s success is to ensure your products are in front of the right people, at the right time, on the right channel. And for today’s customers, and especially those of tomorrow, self-service via the internet is definitely the preferred channel.

This choice of channel also determines a choice of when. Businesses buying numbers from you have all sorts of varying workloads and structures to their day, not to mention entirely different time zones due to geographical location.

Self-service means that you don’t need a global team manning the phones 24/7, 365 days a year. You can sit back and relax knowing your customers can take the lead on any queries they have or changes they need, no matter the time, place or country.

This also gives control back to your customers, who may be frustrated with traditional processes and bureaucracy of large telcos. SpeakIntelligence’s automated widget and portal have emerged as industry favorites due to easy to use but extensive functionality. For example, anyone from the call center manager to CTO can use SpeakIntelligence’s tools, while other solutions may require an IT specialist.

What this looks like behind the scenes for partners

Because the SpeakIntelligence widget is automated, you can sit back and reap the rewards of a self-service environment after implementing just a few lines of code.

For you and many other legacy providers without an online partner like SpeakIntelligence, your sales cycle is longer and full of friction. You must promote your business both online and offline, where it’s easy to be lost in a crowded sea of businesses and content. Not to mention cold calling, in-person visits and consultancy and negotiations, before contracts are ready to be signed.

And when they are, you must then manually submit an order and application to fill your customer’s requests. When the order is filled, you must, again, manually deliver it and invoice your customers. This is a long and arduous process, as well as being resource-heavy.

SpeakIntelligence partner benefits

SpeakIntelligence partners benefit from self-service ordering and maintenance, automated delivery, and pre-paid payment. This significantly reduces your overall spend on acquiring customers, closing deals and delivering services, as well as easing demands of account management and service changes that follow.

Your service change cycle is radically improved too. Instead of further visiting, consulting, and negotiating with customers before once again manually submitting a number and application, your customers are empowered to do it themselves via the SpeakIntelligence automated portal. Changes are then implemented in real-time.

Becoming a SpeakIntelligence partner

Become a SpeakIntelligence partner and reap the rewards of our automated, self-service widget. Improve customer service, reduce the cost of sale, and revolutionize your business in an ever increasingly demanding and competitive market.

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